New Year’s Resolutions

February 16, 2014

I have always been keen on New Year’s Resolutions. I believe it’s a great opportunity to look at how your life’s been going thus far and decide to make changes to improve it. Like any other human being I have to deal with bills, savings, investments, cleaning, cooking, and so on! My New Year’s Resolutions this year have a focus in this department!


Deliciously Green

February 12, 2014

Diet is a large component of being an elite athlete. Even with all I’ve learned about nutrition and in revamping my diet due to food allergies, I am still finding ways to eat more greens. I’ve found that juicing helps me accomplish this.


A Day in the Clinic

January 27, 2014

I keep hearing scar tissue, knots, more scar tissue and knots…. this is good news! These are fixable! What’s frustrating is to hear that most of these ailments are not from my original injury; they have developed from many years in the sport of swimming.


Success in London: Path to Rio

January 21, 2014

Recovering and re-establishing my health has become the first step on my latest 4-year journey. I have to wonder, if I put my body first, training in ways that are healthy and give my body the chance to work like it was designed to work, doesn’t it seem logical that better race performance would follow? This approach makes sense to me!