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Interior Design

Ok who doesn’t love changing furniture around and creating a whole new feel to a room? I most certainly do, and I do it all the time! In my search to find what I would love to do for a career post swimming I took the time to think about what I always do in my spare time…. I have floor plans for my house, my parents, my neighbor, and anyone who lets me think about designs for their houses! With my passion in woodworking combined with my love for interior design who knows what I could come up with! I’ll blog before and after pics/descriptions of the rooms that I have transformed! Hope you enjoy it!

My First Semester in Interior Design!!

December 7, 2013

A new passion of mine has emerged! For the longest time I didn’t know what I wanted to do after I finished swimming. Ever since I was little I constantly moved my furniture around to create a fresh feeling! Honestly, I had always viewed my love of interior design as a hobby, not really a career choice…