Natural Beauty Products!

What a fun couple months I have had since coming home from the World Championships in Barcelona, Spain! I have becoming utterly addicted to surfing the web for homemade natural beauty product recipes!

For the past two years I have learned an incredible amount about nutrition when finding out I needed to be gluten and egg free. I learned how to read labels, know the crazy chemical names in ingredient lists, and start to understand the process that goes into packaged processed foods.

This next step just made sense. What are the ingredients in the products around my house: cleaning, makeup, detergents, ext? Could I make them myself? I had also struggled with mild acne, kept telling myself “I’m 26 years old, grrrr, I’m healthy, I’m hydrated, why am I still struggling with this?”. Learning about the ingredients in my food made it so I could create my own meals that worked best for my body. Maybe, the products I was using on my face could be altered in the same way.

Over the next few months I created my own shampoo & conditioner, face wash, lotions & oils, lip balms, all my makeup (foundations, blushes, eyeshadows, lipsticks) and more! It has been an exciting journey! I am hoping to perfect some of my recipes and get them up on the blog for all of you to try, or someday even have my own line of products!! Anyways, that’s thinking long term, but right now I’m just having fun coming up with all sorts of concoctions and seeing what works!

I’ll be sure to post some of the other blogs I’ve been reading for inspirations and basic combinations of ingredients! Just like how I cook, I like to do research, see the basic ingredients, and then make up the rest on my own!

Thanks for reading!

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