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An Epic 2014!!

January 2, 2015

So much has happened in 2014 and in celebrating the new year I had time to reflect on what an amazing journey 2014 has been for me! To name a few events: my parents moved to CA, my brother moved in with me, my husband and I bought our first house, and found out we were pregnant with our first child!!

Natural Beauty Products!

December 2, 2013

For the past two years I have learned an incredible amount about nutrition when finding out I needed to be gluten and egg free. I learned how to read labels, know the crazy chemical names in ingredient lists, and start to understand the process that goes into packaged processed foods. This next step just made sense. What are the ingredients in the products around my house:

Getting Started!

October 13, 2012

Hi everyone!! I’m excited to create a space where people can go for healthy recipes, stay gluten and egg free, and learn …